From There To Here

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When caught up in the 1996 bomb which transformed Manchester forever, Daniel Cotton (Philip Glenister) is changed too. He becomes restless and reckless, and embarks on a double life which might blow his world apart all over again.

From There To Here tells the epic story of a city, an era and a man whose life is changed forever by the events of one summer day.

It's a Saturday morning in the summer of 1996. The day England take on Scotland in the European Championship. In the heart of Manchester, Daniel is trying to build bridges between his dad, Samuel (Bernard Hill), and brother Robbo (Steven Mackintosh). But when the IRA explode a bomb which decimates the city centre, their peace negotiations are cut short, and their lives changed forever.

The men escape serious injury, and Daniel comes to the rescue of Joanne (Liz White), a single mum of two, also caught in the blast. He sees her home safely, realising as he drives past the working class terraces far from his own detached family home, that these are the streets he grew up on, before he was adopted at the age of five.

On the surface Daniel has it all: a family business, two grown-up kids – Charlie (Daniel Rigby) and Louise (Morven Christie), and a comfortable life with his wife, Claire (Saskia Reeves); but he finds that his near-death experience has left him feeling dangerously restless.

Cast: Philip Glenister plays Daniel Cotton, Bernard Hill plays Samuel, Steven Mackintosh plays Robbo, Liz White plays Joanne, Saskia Reeves plays Claire, Daniel Rigby plays Charlie, Morven Christie plays Louise, Ben Ryan Davies plays Ryan, Leon Harrop plays Lee, Ben Batt plays Newell and Chris Jordan plays Peter.

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DateThursday, 22 May 2014
Time9:00 PM -
10:00 PM
UpdatesConfirmed for BBC One on 22 May at 9.00pm to 10.00pm