World Book Club: Brian Aldiss

Saturday 7 December



Harriett Gilbert talks to author Brian Aldiss, one of the most important voices in science fiction writing, about his 1964 classic science fiction novel Greybeard.

Aldiss was born in Norfolk, England in 1925 and has written over 40 novels and over 300 short stories. His work has been published in dozens of countries around the world. Greybeard is set decades after the Earth's population has been sterilised as a result of nuclear bomb tests conducted in Earth's orbit.

This startling and sombre novel depicts a world emptying of humans, with the remaining ageing, childless population left to face the fact that there is no younger generation coming to replace them. Instead, nature is reclaiming the Earth while humans are obliterated in a disaster they have brought on themselves.

Aldiss discusses his powerful and moving post-apocalyptic literary work with Harriett. They also consider the theme of ageing touched on heavily within the book, and answers listeners’ questions from around the world.