Ep 1/6

Tuesday 12 November



The Pearson family return in series two of Hebburn as they deal with the aftermath of dad Joe’s stroke.

Mum Pauline has to find a way to support the family and throws herself into her first proper job in years. Jack and Sarah have a baby on the way and need to find a place to live while his ex, Denise, is pregnant too.

Vicky is inspired to make a better life for herself, but will singing superstar boyfriend Gervaise let her? And Granny Dot is looking for a way out of the retirement home.

With a baby on the way, Jack and Sarah are desperate to move out of the family home. Joe’s recovering from his stroke so Pauline goes back to work as an estate agent and is struggling to sell her first property, but a surprise windfall for granny Dot solves all their problems.

Jack’s feeling the pressure at work on the paper and at home, but gets a bit of fire in his belly... and elsewhere.