The Indian Doctor

Ep 1/5

Monday 4 November



The third series of the multi-award winning drama returns with the first episode, The Prodigal's Return, catching up with Dr Prem Sharma and his wife Kamini in 1966.

Trefelin, the sleepy Welsh Valleys town in which Prem set up practice three years ago, is rudely awoken by the throaty roar of an American sports car carrying returning prodigals Basil and Robert Thomas, sons of the erstwhile local mine owner.

The brothers are greeted enthusiastically by the villagers, buying drinks for all-comers and inviting everyone to their homecoming party. Basil and Robert’s return to their former home also dashes Kamini’s hopes of moving into the house of her dreams.

Bumbling revolutionaries Aled and Daf seek a cause to protest. But it’s the Thomas brothers’ announcement of their grand plans for Trefelin that seem more likely to really rock village life, and cast a shadow over Prem’s future.

A Rondo Media and Avatar Films production for BBC One