Petite Mort

Ep 1/10

Monday 28 October



Honor Blackman, Shelley Conn, Mariah Gale and Samantha Spiro star in Beatrice Hitchman's thrilling debut of love and silent cinema.

Paris, 1913. The young Adele Roux arrives at the gates of the Pathé film studios, determined to fulfil her ambition to become a screen actress, like her heroine 'Terpsichore' - the beautiful actress, Luce Durand. But her path to fame is not straightforward...

With Honor Blackman as Madame Adele Roux, Shelley Conn as Juliette Blanc, Mariah Gale as Adele Roux, Marcus D’Amico as Andre Durand, Samantha Spiro as Luce Durand (‘Terpsichore’), Georgie Fuller as Camille Roux, David Seddon as Pere Simon/Peyssac and Maria Teresa Creasey as Mathilde/Aurelie. Adapted for radio by Miranda Davies.

Producer/ Emma Harding for the BBC

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