The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperors

Confirmed for BBC Two on 6 October at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 1/3

Sunday 6 October



This major three-part series for BBC Two presented by journalist Rageh Omaar traces the 600-year-old story of the Ottoman Empire that encompassed European, Arab and North African lands, and only came to an end in the past century.

Filmed on location in Turkey, the Balkans, Greece and the Middle East, The Ottomans: Europe’s Muslim Emperors examines the many sides of the dynasty of Sultans including the changing role of religion, its economic ambitions, social organisation and its relationship with non-Muslims.

Rageh will discover why The Ottoman Empire seems to have vanished from our understanding of the history of Europe and why its story is exciting global interest once more. Revealing how some of the most important yet unresolved issues confronting us today were also faced by the Ottomans, the conflicts between the Christian west and the muslim east, the need to reconcile secular politics with religious ideology and balancing the demands of the clergy with the ambitions of the generals.

The first episode will discover the surprising roots of the Ottomans and the extraordinary speed at which nomadic horsemen, from a corner of what is today Turkey, became powerful rulers across three continents.