Ronnie's Animal Crackers

Confirmed for BBC One on 27 September at 7.30pm to 8.00pm

Ep 2/6

Friday 27 September



Episode two of Ronnie’s Animal Crackers will show the amazing and sometimes baffling lengths we go to for our pets: the time, the money, not to mention the love.

Marlene is a highly successful champion breeder, but her beloved Persian cats – she has 40 of them at home – are falling out of favour with cat-show competition judges. And the reason is their noses. Marlene’s cats have a 'traditional' face with a long nose, but the trend in recent years has been to breed Persian cats with scrunched up faces, and short noses. Marlene makes a stand against what she sees as a deformity – and some think is downright cruel. We follow her as she makes a last ditch attempt to win on her own terms, entering two kittens with intermediate-sized noses into their first ever competition. Will the kittens meet with the favour of the judges?

We meet Corinne, a breeder of some unique and valuable French bulldogs: they are blue! Her favourite dog is Joules, a pampered diva. We follow them as Joules has a dog pedicure or 'pawdicure' ahead of a bizarre tea party where all the dog guests are dressed in their party finest.

We meet former circus people Joe and Rebecca who keep a rather more exotic animal at home: camels. One camel, Bertie, is a temperamental teenager who proves to be a bit of a handful as Joe tries to train him to earn his future keep by becoming a trekking camel.

Ronnie himself has his own issues to address. His new rescue dog, Baz, continues to give him heartache. Baz is comfortable with Ronnie’s wife Anne, but he has yet to give Ronnie the love he’s used to receiving from his pets. Dog training expert Kris takes Ronnie, Anne and Baz to their local park for a few important lessons in trying to get Baz more on side with Ronnie.