Wolfblood Uncovered

Ep 1/10

Day and time to be confirmed


Wildlife spin-off series Wolfblood Uncovered follows Bobby Lockwood – who plays Rhydian in CBBC’s popular fantasy drama Wolfblood – as he sets out to find out everything there is to know about wolves and to discover how their incredible capabilities have inspired the wolfbloods in the show.

In today’s episode Bobby discovers how wolves explore the environment around them using their amazing sense of smell, fantastic eyesight and incredible hearing – senses which, when combined, mean they perceive the world in a completely different way to people.

Bobby looks at how the wolfbloods in the show use the same abilities to help them in their teenage lives, such as when Rhydian was accused of vandalising a school art exhibition and Maddy took advantage of his excellent hearing to help him with an alibi by whispering to him through the closed doors of the teacher’s office…

Wolfblood Uncovered is made by the BBC’s Natural History Unit for CBBC.