Afternoon Drama: The Hill Bachelors

Ep 1/1

Monday 3 June



Paulie has returned home for the funeral of his father, a man he barely knew. The remote farm is on a rural road, high up in the hills, a place he hasn't been back to in many years.

As his brothers and sisters arrive home for the funeral, the question on everyone's mind is - 'What will happen to Ma?' She cannot manage by herself and Paulie knows what they are inadvertently saying: he is the only one who is unmarried, doesn't have children - it is up to him to move back and help his mother.

Caught between desire and circumstance, Paulie must choose between marrying his long-time love, Patsy Finnucane, or caring for his widowed mother and resigning himself to the isolated life of a hill bachelor.

With Damien Molony as Paulie, Fionnula Flanagan as Michael’s Widow, Peter Gowen as Hartigan, Deirdre Donnelly as Miss Hartigan, Susan Loughnane as Patsy, Ruth Bradley as Frances, Aoibhinn McGinnity as Annie, Pádraic Delaney as Aidan and Ian McEIlhinney as Caslin. Written by William Trevor.

Producer/Gemma McMullan the BBC

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