Case Histories

Confirmed for BBC One on 19 May at 8.30pm to 10.00pm

Ep 1/3

Sunday 19 May



Jason Isaacs reprises his role as complex and compulsive private detective Jackson Brodie in crime drama Case Histories. In this first episode, Victoria Wood plays a retired policewoman who finds herself on the wrong side of the law.

Back in Edinburgh after a child-snatching job in Munich, Jackson struggles with guilt about whether he returned the child to the right parent or if he was duped.

A new case comes calling when Hope McMaster, a woman searching for her birth parents, approaches Jackson for help. His search takes him into the dark heart of 1979 police corruption and murder – and a secret that has remained buried for nearly 35 years.

The investigation crosses paths with Tracy Waterhouse, a retired police officer turned store detective. When Tracy witnesses a little girl being physically abused by her mother, she takes a surprising course of action which stirs the past for her and former police partner Barry, and presents a moral dilemma for Jackson. He must decide whether he is brave enough to risk another mistake by doing what he feels is right, or walk away.

Motivated by his desire to help those in need and a need to atone for his recent mistake, Jackson’s investigation sees the past and the present collide dramatically with the old retired cops, Len Lomax and Ray Strickland, refusing to go down without the fight of their lives.

Meanwhile, Jackson continues to avoid speaking to a newly engaged Louise after admitting his true feelings for her. And when his daughter, Marlee, makes a shock announcement, non-committal Jackson is taken aback.

Adapted from the Kate Atkinson novels, Case Histories is a Ruby Film and Television production for BBC One through BBC Scotland.

Jackson Brodie is played by Jason Isaacs, Hope McMaster by Emma Hamilton, Tracy Waterhouse by Victoria Wood, Barry by Gary Lewis, Len Lomax by James Cosmo, Ray Strickland by Maurice Roeves, Louise by Amanda Abbington, Deborah by Zawe Ashton and Marlee by Millie Innes.