Australia With Simon Reeve

Ep 1/3

Sunday 19 May



Following the success of his Indian Ocean series, Simon Reeve embarks on another epic adventure, this time travelling across Australia. On this riveting journey Simon encounters an extraordinary array of people and exotic wildlife, offering a unique insight into life in Australia in a new three-part series for BBC Two.

Simon kicks off the series in the magnificent ‘Red Centre’ of Australia, before travelling through South Australia and on via the extraordinary India Pacific railway, to the west coast city of Perth.

In the baking heart of the continent Simon discovers how an unlikely animal threatens Australia’s fragile desert ecosystem as up to a million camels are eating their way through the outback. Joining an Aussie rancher, Simon embarks on a high octane camel round-up, involving specially adapted off-road vehicles and a chopper.

Heading south, Simon learns the art of wine tasting with a legendary winemaker, but in the driest inhabited continent on Earth, large-scale agriculture requires irrigation using billions of litres of water. Simon witnesses the impact on Australia’s greatest river, the Murray. Reaching the coast, and the fishing capital of Australia, he dives with critically endangered Southern blue fin tuna, and meets the fishermen who believe they are on the verge of creating the world’s first blue fin tuna farms.

Finally, in Western Australia, Simon meets a modern-day prospector joining a 21st-century gold rush, part of the country’s huge resources boom which is making it one of the richest places on Earth. In Perth, home to a large British community, he meets a former bin man from Hull who’s swapped Britain for the dream of a better lifestyle and a house with a pool in the sun.