Strange Hill High

Day and time to be confirmed


Welcome to Strange Hill High, an all but forgotten inner-city school filled with fantastical secrets and outlandish mysteries.

Josh Weinstein (The Simpsons, Futurama) heads up the writing team for this daring and distinctive comedy adventure series, created using an all-new innovative animation technique combining puppets, Japanese vinyl toys and digital effects. Strange Hill High follows students Mitchell, Becky and Templeton as they explore their extraordinary school, uncovering absurd and outrageous occurrences as they go.

In episode one, a very strange thing happens at Strange Hill High – Mitchell actually completes an assignment! He’s made a beautiful wooden skateboard for his woodworking project, but when school bully Tyson smashes the lavatory walls with it, bizarre things start happening.

Behind the walls Mitchell, Becky and Templeton discover an ancient lavatory, seemingly from Arthurian times, guarded by a vigilant statue of a knights guard. Things go from bad to worse when the statue, Sir Bogivere, comes to life and declares Mitchell King. With Mitchell deciding to take full advantage of being crowned ruler of Strange Hill High, will the school ever be the same again?

Strange Hill High features the vocal talents of Ben Smith, Emma Kennedy, Richard Ayoade, John Thomson and Caroline Aherne.