Peter Coke And The Paul Temple Affair

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An interview from 2008 with the man behind the voice of radio’s most dashing detective. This interview was recorded in June 2005, a few years before his death in July 2008, aged 95. It is being repeated now to mark what would have been his 100th birthday on April 3rd.

Peter Coke was not the first Paul Temple. He'd already been in the show before taking over the title role from Kim Peacock. He took the part and became so synonymous with the part that other work dried up. We learn about his life and early career, how the show was made, his friendship with Marjorie Westbury who played Steve, his on-air wife, and his views on the failed TV series. Peter Coke gave up acting once the series ended and moved to Norfolk to run a gallery where people would visit, just to see ‘Paul Temple’.

Paul Temple and The Alex Affair will also be transmitting on BBC Radio 4 Extra this week, starting on Monday.

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DateSunday, 31 March 2013
Time2:00 PM -
2:30 PM