Passover: Why Is This Night Different?

Confirmed for BBC One on 24 March at 12.20pm to 12.50pm

Sunday 24 March



Giles Coren is joined by some familiar faces and experts to ask What is Passover and why is this festival the most important event in the Jewish calendar? Why Is This Night Different? is an engaging, entertaining and highly accessible introduction to the Jewish community’s annual festival based around a traditional family gathering with guests including tv philosopher Alain de Botton and entertainer Olivia Lee.

On March 25 2013, in homes across the UK, the 300,000-strong Jewish community will be host to the vibrant, colourful sights and sounds of Passover or Pesach (as it’s known in Hebrew) and this warm and informative film will explore the true meaning behind this celebratory and joyous event with a very special Passover seder featuring a cast of respected and well-known members of the British Jewry. This is the Passover story told through an unforgettable dinner capturing different traditions and filled with personal anecdotes and memories to further our understanding of the Jewish faith through their most sacred of events. Dinner will be cooked by Linda Dangoor, writer of Flavours Of Babylon: A Family Cookbook. Other guests include the journalist Angela Epstein, Othodox Rabbi Naftali Brawer and Liberal Rabbi Laura Janner Klausner.