My Life: Who Are You?

Ep 7/7

Tuesday 26 March



Who Are You? tells the incredible story of 14-year-old Hannah, who has one of the most extreme cases of face blindness in the UK, following a brain illness when she was eight. Everyone is a stranger to Hannah - she doesn’t recognise her mum, dad, sisters and friends when she sees them.

Hannah doesn’t even know her own face in the mirror, and she readily admits that being face blind has cut her off from the world around her.

In the film we follow Hannah as she embarks on a course of ground-breaking treatment at Bournemouth University, where expert Dr Sarah Bate is trying to understand how the condition works and help people like Hannah finally know who the people around her are.

But what truly helps her to begin to come out of her shell is meeting 12-year-old Laura who, despite her face blindness, has a very different attitude to life.

Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne is face blind too and the two girls get a rare meeting with the top entrepreneur.