Mr Bloom's Nursery: Get Set, Grow

Ep 16-20

Monday 25 February to Friday 1 March



Mr Bloom’s Nursery: Get Set, Grow! continues this week with more new episodes as Mr Bloom travels around the country in his Compo Car.

On Monday, Mr Bloom’s travelling fete is in Kilmarnock where Mr Bloom and Raymond the Butternut Squash are harvesting seaweed on the Isle of Bute. Sebastian wants a pet but he has trouble looking after Colin who is pretending to be a puppy.

Tuesday sees Mr Bloom visit Hartlepool where he and Margaret the Cabbage visit a Maize Maze where they learn how it can sometimes be helpful to see things from high up – which comes in handy when some Wee MacGregor radishes get stranded on a high shelf!

It’s off to West Bromwich on Wednesday where Colin the Runner Bean has plans for the first runner bean theme park! When Mr Blooms says that the theme park is too big to manage, the Tiddlers help make a minature version, which is perfect for some mini-beasts that have been bothering Mr Bloom.

Thursday’s episode finds Mr Bloom in the dark as he discovers that dark conditions can be perfect for growing things like chicory. Meanwhile, because Margaret is afraid of the dark, she can’t use her brand-new telescope, so the Tiddlers create a space tent just for her!

And on Friday it’s off to Hartlepool for the last of Mr Bloom’s travelling fetes. Mr Bloom and Margaret discover that fruit lasts longer if it’s made into jam, which inspires the Veggies to create a memory scrapbook to remind them of all the fun they’ve had travelling around the country.