Death In Paradise

Ep 8/8

Tuesday 26 February



When a shot is fired at a charity fundraiser, host Malcolm Powell is found dead in his study.

Malcolm’s PA, Vicky is certain she knows who the culprit is – a mystery man named Jack Roberts who had an appointment with Malcolm and was seen arriving and then fleeing the scene of the crime. However, when Richard and his team pursue the suspect, they find his abandoned car nearby with no clues as to his whereabouts or motive for killing Malcolm.

A background check on Malcolm reveals that he and his wife, Jen, defrauded investors out of millions of pounds back in England. Could Jack Roberts be one of his victims? Or does his killer lie a little closer to home?

DI Richard Poole is played by Ben Miller, Camille Bordey by Sara Martins, Malcolm Powell by Sean Pertwee, Vicky Woodward by Lucy Davis, Jen Powell by Julie Graham, Mark Grainger by Jamie Davis and Duncan Wood by Lucien Laviscount.