Super Human Challenge

Ep 1/10

Day and time to be confirmed


In new CBBC series Super Human Challenge, presenter Tim Fitzhigham searches the world for people with real life super powers and with the aid of the Mission Doctor, Doctor Megan John, pits himself against them to find out just how super they really are.

Using animation, science and technology this show astounds viewers with just how amazing the human body is and what it can achieve. These are real life Super Human that defy science with super strength, extraordinary stamina and other unbelievable physical abilities.

In episode one, Tim meets Wim Hof, a man who can control his body temperature and runs marathons in the arctic; swims underneath ice and climbs mountains in his pants! Does Wim's extraordinary ability to withstand extreme cold make him a real life Ice Man? Tim challenges Wim to three super tests in order to prove, or disprove, these amazingly cool super human powers.

Can Tim survive the coldest conditions imaginable as they jog across the top of an Icelandic glacier and swim among icebergs dressed only in swimming trunks? This is exactly as dangerous as it sounds, so Tim uses state of the art technology, real medical science and his very own Mission Doctor as he prepares for his challenges.