15 Minute Drama - Modesty Blaise: A Taste For Death

Ep 1/5

Monday 17 December to Friday 21 December



She's glamorous, intelligent, rich and very, very cool. Modesty Blaise has been called the female James Bond but she's much more interesting than that. With her expertise in martial arts and unusual weapons, the ability to speak several languages and her liking for fast cars, 20-something Modesty became a female icon.

In Stef Penney's brand new radio adaptation of Peter O’Donnell’s novel, Sir Gerald Tarrant, Head of a secret British agency, tempts Modesty out of retirement and into a job involving a young woman with extra sensory powers, an exotic desert location, and a larger than life public school villain, intent on murdering his way to a vast fortune.

With Daphne Alexander as Modesty Blaise, Carl Prekopp as Willie Garvin, Alun Armstrong as Sir Gerald Tarrant, Sam Dale as Simon Delicata, Geoffrey Streatfeild as Steve Collier and Samantha Dakin as Dinah Pilgrim.

Interesting Modesty Facts:

Modesty first started life in 1963 as a strip cartoon in the London Evening Standard - the first of the novels followed three years later.

Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta, is seen reading a Modesty Blaise book in Pulp Fiction.

Producer/Director, Kate McAll for the BBC

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