Your World: The Nowhere Man

Sunday 21 October



For Your World on BBC World Service, Rupa Jha tells the story of man who overstayed his Indian visa by three days and was stripped of his nationality and identity.

Thirteen years ago, after returning to India to take care of his dying father, Indian born Idrees, who is married to a Pakistani woman and became a citizen of her country, ended up overstaying his visa by several days. When he visited the local visa office to rectify his problem, he was jailed. Although he was eventually freed without any charges, authorities in both countries have failed to carry out the necessary paperwork to allow him to return home. He is stranded in India, depending on charity in the northern city of Kanpur and out of touch with his family and four children, who remain in Karachi. At a time when India and Pakistan are taking steps to mend their relationship, Rupa examines how Idrees has become a forgotten victim and one without a nationality.

BBC World Service