The Secret History Of Our Streets

Confirmed for Wedesday 6 June on BBC Two at 9.00pm-10.00pm

Ep 1/6

Wednesday 6 June



Charles Booth’s vast 1886 Survey of London ranked each one of London's streets according to the class of its residents. In a major series for BBC Two, in partnership with The Open University, The Secret History Of Our Streets returns to six of those streets to discover how their fortunes have ebbed and flowed over the last 125 years.

Episode one features Deptford High Street, known in Booth’s time as the Oxford Street of South London. Today, marooned amid 1970's housing blocks, it’s one of the poorest shopping streets in London.

Featuring compelling accounts from residents, including one family who has been trading on the high street for 250 years, the film tells a story of transformation and endurance, through personal histories and the story of the street itself.

From huge extended families living together in a single street to the story of the slum clearances, old ways of life were unraveling and changes were taking place which shaped the lives of millions of British families all over the country.

The Secret History Of Our Secret Streets is part of the BBC London Season.