Believe It!

Ep 1/4

Wednesday 9 May



Based on glimmers of truth, Believe It is the hilarious, bizarre, revealing and, most importantly, untrue celebrity radiography of Richard Wilson. Written by Jon Canter.

Celebrity autobiographies are everywhere - and Richard Wilson has always said he'd never write one.  Richard, however, narrates the series, weaving in and out of dramatised scenes from his fictional life story.

He plays a heavily exaggerated version of himself: a Scots actor and national treasure, unmarried, private, passionate about politics, theatre and Manchester United - all true.

He’s a confidant of the powerful and has survived childhood poverty, a drunken father, years of fruitless grind, too much success, monstrosity, addiction, charity work, secret work for governments and fierce rivalry with Sean Connery - all not true.

All the melodramatic staples of celebrity-autobiography are wonderfully undercut by Richard's deadpan delivery.

Throughout the series, Richard is supported by a small core cast including David Tennant, John Sessions, Lewis Macleod, Arabella Weir and Jane Slavin.

Producer/Clive Brill for Pacificus Productions

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