This World - The Shame of the Catholic Church

Wednesday 2 May



Has the Catholic Church’s handling of sexual crimes by priests left it at breaking point? Around the world there have been allegations of cover-ups, and the church has faced criticism that it has put the reputation of the institution above the interests of vulnerable children.

In a powerful film for This World on BBC Two, Darragh MacIntyre investigates the failure of the church to deal with abusing priests in Ireland. As he travels around the country he hears harrowing stories from victims of clerical abuse and uncovers new evidence that shows the scandal has far from ended - and that it reaches the very top of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

With the help of Catholic Canon lawyer and commentator the Rev Thomas Doyle and leading Irish writer Colm Toibin, This World examines the unique relationship that has long existed between the Irish Church and Irish State. It also looks at the great power the Catholic Church once had and explains how the Catholic faithful were too frightened to break the silence and report crimes perpetrated on young victims.