The Bridge

Ep 1/10

Saturday 21 April



When a woman is found murdered in the middle of Øresund Bridge on the border between Sweden and Denmark, Saga Norén from Malmö CID and Martin Rohde from the Copenhagen police department are called to the scene.

What at first looks like one murder, turns out to be two. The bodies have been brutally cut off at the waist and joined together - the torso of a high-profile Swedish politician and the lower body of a Danish prostitute.

Written by Camilla Ahlgren,Måns Mårlind, Hans Rosenfeldt, Nikolaj Scherfig and Björn Stein.

Cast: Sofia Helin as Sara Norén, Kim Bodina as Martin Rohde, Dag Malmberg as Hans Petterson, Rafael Petterson as John, Anette Lindbäck as Gry, Said Legue as Navid, Kristina Brändén AS Anne, Puk Scharbau as Mette Rohde, Emil Birk Hartmann as August Rhode, Sarah Boberg as Lilian, Christian Hilborg as Daniel Ferbé, Kristina Lima De Faria as Åke, Magnus Krepper as Stefan Lindberg.