Election 92

Confirmed for Monday 9 April on BBC Parliament at 9.00am-10.40pm

Monday 9 April



BBC Parliament gives viewers a chance to re-live the 1992 General Election on its 20th anniversary.

The channel will show an archive broadcast of the BBC’s original live election results coverage from Thursday 9 April 1992, with Conservative Prime Minister John Major attempting to fight off the challenge from the Labour Party under Neil Kinnock and the Liberal Democrats led by Paddy Ashdown.

David Dimbleby hosts the BBC’s 1992 General Election programme, with results analysis by Peter Kellner, Tony King and Peter Snow armed with his swingometer and election battleground; commentary from the BBC’s Political Editor John Cole and interviews by Peter Sissons.

Live coverage of declarations and reaction to the results comes from across the country, including reports from John Simpson in John Major’s Huntingdon constituency, Jeremy Paxman in Neil Kinnock’s constituency of Islwyn, Michael Buerk in Paddy Ashdown’s Yeovil constituency, Anna Ford in Basildon, Kate Adie in Torbay and Martyn Lewis in Downing Street.

Rory Bremner provides a humorous take on proceedings, and among the studio guests commenting on the election campaign and results are the former Conservative Health minister Edwina Currie and the Shadow Employment Secretary Tony Blair.