Melvyn Bragg On Class And Culture

Ep 2/3

Friday 2 March



Pete Townshend, Ken Loach and Faye Weldon join Melvyn Bragg as he explores how it was his generation of writers, artists and filmmakers who swept aside the culture of an earlier and more powerful class-bound era.

The grim but settled austerity years after World War Two were followed by an astonishing surge of energy that transformed perceptions of both culture and class.

Following in the footsteps of the angry young men of the 1950s, writers were expressing their frustration at the snobbery and exclusivity of the system in which they had grown up. They were saying it in books, on the stage and, by the early 60s they were saying it on television, the dominant medium of the time.

Melvyn explains: “Art goes where energy is and in the working class and lower middle class there was tremendous energy, and it came out and it took over.”