How The Brits Rocked America: Go West

Friday 27 January



Cracking America has long been the benchmark of success for British musicians. From the pioneers of the 60s, through the high-grossing 70s, to the post punk-years with British music screened directly to American homes via MTV: we came, we saw, we conquered.

This series tells the story of the intercontinental exchange of musical ideas, of how the two nations have, and continue to, influence each others unique sound.

Featuring choice archive footage from The Beatles' iconic arrival in the US, through Cream, The Who and Led Zepellin live on the road through to the Sex Pistols last US gig in San Fransisco and Elvis Costello and the Attractions career boosting appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Also includes first-hand testimonies from artists across the decades talking about their experiences, from the pilgrim fathers of British rock including Sir Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page and Jack Bruce, to the latter day contenders to their throne, the likes of John Lydon, Robert Smith, Simon Le Bon and Adam Ant, who recall how they coped with the challenge of cracking the behemoth that is the US.