Between The Ears – Tap City

Saturday 17 December



Three remarkable personal journeys are intertwined to show how New York has become the capital of a global experiment in rhythm, music and dance.

Native New Yorker Jason Samuels Smith is an Emmy award-winning dancer at the heart of the 1990s African American revival of tap dance through the infusion of hip hop beats. He explains how he pioneered a unique collaboration with renowned Indian Kathak dance master, Pandit Chitresh Dash.

Roxanne Butterfly, the first person to be granted a green card to work as a professional tap dancer, grew up in France. She studied tap dance in New York with the legendary Jimmy Slyde, and blends jazz-tap with Moroccan DJellaba grooves and Cameroonian moves.

Max Pollak is a master of rhythm, from tapping feet to drumming and body percussion. Born in Austria, he came to New York in the 1990s to work on choreography with jazz bassist Ray Brown. After meeting members of the Tito Puente band, he created RumbaTap, bringing new life to traditional Cuban folk stories and culture with his own dance style.

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