The Killing II

Ep 1/10

Saturday 19 November



It's been two years since former detective Sarah Lund was divested of her investigative role and transferred to a low-key job in the country, but when the body of a female lawyer is found murdered in macabre and puzzling circumstances, Lund's former boss at Copenhagen police HQ finds that he has no choice but to call her back in to assist with the investigation.

Initially reluctant, Lund soon becomes engrossed with the case. As police grapple with what few clues they possess, newly appointed Minister for Justice Thomas Buch strives to oversee some intricate political negotiations between parliamentary parties over the introduction of a series of new anti-terrorism laws. At the same time, soldier Jens Peter Raben awaits release from the psychiatric ward he was committed to following a nervous breakdown.

Over the course of 10 gripping episodes, the worlds of crime, politics and the military become increasingly intertwined. With more dead being added to the list of murder victims as the series progresses, Lund's mission becomes a race against time to find the culprit and prevent further killings...

Sofie Gråbøl stars as Sarah Lund, Nicolas Bro as Thomas Buch, Charlotte Guldberg as Karina Munk Jørgensen, Preben Kristensen as Carsten Plough, Ken Vedsegaard as Jens Peter Raben, Stine Prætorius as Louise Raben, Flemming Enevold as Torsten Jarnvig, Morten Suurballe as Lennart Brix, Mikael Birkkjær as Ulrik Strange, Carsten Bjørnlund as Christian Søgaard, Lotte Andersen as Ruth Hedeby, Kurt Ravn as Gert Grue Eriksen, Jens Jacob Tychsen as Erling Krabbe, Tobias Krohn as Jonas Rabe and Igor Radosavljevic as Said Bilal.