Moving On

Ep 1/5

Monday 14 November



BBC One’s acclaimed Daytime drama series Moving On, created by multi-award winning writer Jimmy McGovern, returns with five new stand alone films. The series explores contemporary issues, as characters reach a turning point in their lives and then move on.

Bugsy is shy but has a good heart and a regular morning ritual with local kids Dylan and Josh, who jump on the back of his float for a ride. When Dylan has an accident and bangs his head as he falls off, it threatens to turn Bugsy’s life upside-down.

Worried about Dylan, Bugsy takes him a big bar of chocolate. Single mum Ally is touched as she knows the accident was Dylan’s fault. There’s a spark between them, but she’s just about to take her ex, Clive, back, as she’s struggling with the rent and thinks it will be good for the boys.

Ally’s mum Rita thinks she’d be better off suing the dairy for compensation instead of taking Clive back, but Angie’s not sure; it was an accident and Bugsy came to see them out of kindness and concern. But, on the other hand…

When Ally does make a claim will Bugsy finally stand up for himself?

Bugsy is played by Shaun Mason, Clive by Rob James-Collier, Ally by Alicya Eyo, Dylan by Oliver Kane Rice, Josh by Joshua Kane Rice and Rita by Susan Eyo.