Wizards Vs Aliens

Brand new action adventure drama comes to CBBC

Interview with Scott Haran

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Tell us about Wizards Vs Aliens

The show is about the Nekross who are an alien species that feed on magic. They have fed on all the magic in the universe and Earth is the only place left with magic. My role in the story is one of the few wizards left who are trying to stop the Nekross. Tom meets his best friend Benny when he has a run in with the Nekross and finds out his secret. Benny is a scientist so with Tom’s magic they make a great team in battle.

What is your character like in the show?

I play the lead Tom Clarke who lives the life of a normal teenager but is secretly from a family of wizards. Tom is 16 and at high school; he has lots of friends and is your typical good all-rounder. He’s great at sports but might secretly get a little help in class from his magic.

They’re quite different characters, why do they become friends?

They become friends in the first episode when they have a run in with the Nekross that forces Tom to reveal his secret. From then on they are firm friends but have a constant debate on the benefits of magic and science. This leads them to learn more about each other and develop a genuine partnership as well as a friendship.

Are you and Percy friends in real life?

Yes, Percy and I are friends. We hung out a lot whilst we were in Cardiff whether it was going to the gym or chilling out learning lines together.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast?

It was great to work with a cast with so much industry experience as we were able to learn from them and get some brilliant advice. Everyone was so nice it was a pleasure to work with them.

What’s it like being a wizard?

Being a wizard was a lot of fun! I got to blow things up, cast spells and battle with aliens! Who wouldn’t like that?

What was it like filming the show?

It was so much fun! The schedule was so hectic it took a little time to get used to but everyone got on so well that it was really enjoyable!

Do you believe in science or magic?

I believe in science. It happens around us every day and so it is fact. Magic, well who knows!

What was it like doing the special effects?

The strangest thing was the 'Goo Day' we had 16 gallons of goo cannoned at us and we were in it for good few hours.

What’s the best thing about the show?

The best thing about it all was being able to act as my job on a daily basis. The show was brilliant fun to film because of all the magic and special effects, the cast all got on really well too.