Six-part Martin Clunes comedy beginning on 25 February on BBC One

Tim Preston (Charlie)

He loves his Mum dearly and just simply can’t get his head around what an absolute diamond like his Mum is doing with a muppet like Warren!Tim Preston
Date: 20.02.2019     Last updated: 20.02.2019 at 00.01
Category: BBC One; Comedy

How would you describe Charlie?
I would describe Charlie as a typical 19 year old northerner who isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. He often tries too hard in most situations (mostly with girls) He has a good heart and everything he does usually comes from a good place but can often be the brunt of most of the family’s jokes. 

Are there any similarities between you and Charlie?
More than any other character I’ve played! Charlie is essentially my 19 year old self. We are both from Preston, and we look scarily alike! I think I was probably the only cast member who was actually from Preston so I definitely felt like I had to fly the flag for the place. But Charlie goes through so many things that most young lads including myself go through or have gone through - heartache, rubbish part-time jobs, house parties, terrible choices, and embarrassing family outings.  

What’s his relationship with Warren like?
I won’t lie, it’s not great. Danny’s the favourite for Warren simply because he just does what he’s told. Charlie on the other hand will just question everything Warren does or asks of him. When you’re 19 and living at home your mantra is 'I’m an adult, you can’t tell me what to do' and Charlie thinks that statement covers all bases. Charlie does care for Warren of course as he is basically his Dad as he was there for him growing up but Charlie hates being treated like a kid which Warren loves doing, which makes for not the most affectionate relationship.

How would you describe Charlie’s relationship with the rest of his on screen family?
I think deep down he loves being a big brother to Danny. He knows that he’ll listen to Charlie’s advice even though they’re probably shocking suggestions! Nice little power trip for him! I also think Charlie is a mummy’s boy, definitely in fact. He loves his Mum dearly and just simply can’t get his head around what an absolute diamond like his Mum is doing with a muppet like Warren!

What appealed to you about working on the show?
I think the script for one. It was just so well written. It was the best TV script I’d read for a long time just because it was so naturalistic and subtle. They’re my favourite kind of scripts to work on and it’s the kind of show I love being a part of. With Warren, it’s just a normal family attempting to get on with normal life which I think speaks true to most people.

What was it like working with Martin Clunes?
It was a joy working with Martin, he really is an amazing actor and such a kind person. He was the driving force for this whole production and made every scene feel so stress free. I think filming something like Warren it has to be a joyful atmosphere on set, and because we were all having such a good time off camera I think it resonates on screen, and Martin really brings that joy and laughter each day.

Any funny stories from filming?
I’d say the first week of filming was the funniest. It was a whole week of filming in a people carrier. Eight of us cramped together doing our best not to corpse, but it was simply impossible. Hysteria set in around the third day and it made each take so difficult to get through because you’re just so close to each other proximity-wise and it makes it impossible to not crack up. There’s some brilliant one liners in those scenes and it makes for extremely good self-control. Not my strong point!