Is monogamy outdated? Can you love more than one person?

Toni Collette is Joy Richards

Wanderlust is so honest and funny in how it looks at some aspects of living that are not often talked about.Toni Collette
Date: 27.08.2018     Last updated: 27.08.2018 at 00.01
Category: BBC One; Drama

What originally attracted you to this project and the role of Joy?

When I first read Wanderlust, I could hear and feel the dialogue very clearly. Nick’s writing felt so real and warm and familiar. It’s both moving and very funny. I also very much enjoy the idea of people waking up and living the life they really want to live. It’s brave and inspirational in that way.

Tell us about when we first meet Joy?

The story begins with Joy recovering from an accident. More often than not, it takes a serious or confronting event for people to contemplate how they actually want to live their lives. This is what happens to Joy. She now wants more. This is her way of exploring a deeper, more meaningful life. She’s a therapist, already quite aware and able to see and help others. But there are parts of herself she has repressed. I guess the story is Joy exploring those darker corners. It’s a curly ride involving many people, which makes it very entertaining.

What was it like filming in Manchester in winter? Did you enjoy filming here in the UK?

I loved it and I can’t wait to do it again. I love our cast and crew- an amazingly talented and adorable group of people were assembled for this one. We all loved it. Manchester was great and a very cool city. I imagine it’s even better when the sun comes out?!

Were there any particular scenes you enjoyed filming?

There were so many! Too hard to choose.

Wanderlust is unlike anything that has ever aired on BBC One before. Are you excited to see the reaction?

Absolutely! Wanderlust is so honest and funny in how it looks at some aspects of living that are not often talked about. It’s going to excite people and start conversations.

Have you stayed in touch with any of the cast/crew since filming ended?

Yes I have. Like all friends, we email and text and have dinner whenever I’m in England. Zawe and I also worked together on a film immediately after Wanderlust. What are the odds?

Had you previously seen any of Nick’s work before reading the scripts for Wanderlust?

I’d seen and read nothing of Nick’s. Now I want to see and read everything of his. He’s a genius.