Ultimate Sports Day

Ultimate Sports Day storms out of the blocks on CBBC

Ultimate Sports Day - The Games

USD’s challenges were carefully designed by sports science expert Professor Greg Whyte to test the competitors across a range of core skills – strength, speed, agility, control and aerobic endurance. Here are some of the challenges:

Sky Walker

Not for the fainthearted, the competitors must haul themselves to the top of one of the two 15m sky towers, walk across the interconnecting balance beam, retrieve a hanging ring and place it on a suspended hook. Once all three rings have been placed the final competitor must take a leap of faith to grab the team’s flag and signal the end of the game.

Spin Shot 1 – Football

This tricky take on the beautiful game sees the competitors trying to avoid three rotating branches on a turntable while passing the ball to the nominated striker who must find the back of the net alternately in the two provided goals.

Spin Shot 2 – Basketball

Back on the rotating podium, the competitors must avoid the three rotating branches, cunningly set at different heights, to pass the basketball and slam dunk alternately in the two provided nets.

Bike Power

With USD bikes attached to the Sky Towers, competitors must harness their power, pace and endurance to pedal for their lives in a race to light up the towers before their competitor.

Bungee Basketball

One of the mentors’ favourite games. Whilst attached to a bungee the participants must leap off a platform, bounce off the ground and score goals in one of the three basketball nets at different heights. With an ascending order of points will they go for the easier lower nets or the high-scoring top nets?

Push O’ War

A test of group brute strength. With a block attached to a moving rail on a platform, competitors must go head to head to push the other team off the platform by pushing against the block.

The Chaser

Who is the mystery Chaser? A twist on a straightforward test of speed, contestants must run 150m and reach the finish line before the mysterious ‘Chaser’ (reminiscent of Top Gear’s The Stig), catches them up and over takes them.