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Wales – Christian Malcolm

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Christian Malcolm has been one of Britain’s top male sprinters for over a decade. In 1998 aged just 19, Christian won the double over 100m and 200m at the World Junior Championships and claimed Silver at that year’s Commonwealth Games.

In 2000 Christian took Gold in the European Indoor Championships and also won the 200m at the European Cup. He also finished a creditable 5th at his first Olympic Games in Sydney. Christian claimed consecutive Bronze medals at the 2005 and 2007 World Championships in the 4x100m relay. Going to the Beijing Olympics, Christian lined up next to Bolt in the final, finishing 5th, making him the highest placed British male sprinter at the Games.

2010 saw Christian return to form winning a Silver medal at the European Championships and Bronze at the Commonwealth Games. In 2011 he was Team GB’s captain at the World Championships in Daegu.

How did you come to be involved in USD? Why did you want to become an USD mentor?

It was an opportunity to work with some of the best young talent that Wales has to offer. I think it is important to give back. I was a talented junior myself so I know what an impact getting input from those who have 'been there done that' can have - plus I am a big kid at heart so it was good fun.

Have you done any mentoring/anything similar before?

I have put swimmer David Davies through his paces on the track! As team captain at the World Championships last year I had to take on the role as team mentor especially to those new to the senior team. As I have become one of the older members of the team it has become a role I seem to have naturally taken on both on and off the track.

What was the overall standard of the participants like?

Really high, I was impressed with how versatile the guys were. They had been selected for the show based on their achievements in their chosen sports so it was great to see them excel in other disciplines. Their determination was unquestionable.

Tell us a bit about your team.

My team was awesome and I loved them - they had great team spirit. IT was something I tried to instill in them from that from the start, whilst maintaining independent determination - they didn't give up at any point!

If you’d had the chance as a teenager, would you have taken part in USD?

Most definitely, the show gives contestants the chance to try out other sports and meet other young people who have achieved in their own fields

What’s the most important benefit that sport has given you?

There are so many it's hard to pick one but I must mention travel. I had never been on a plane before I embarked to go to Australia for my first Junior Championships and suddenly I was with the team, flying to the other side of the world. Since then I have gone on to travel around the globe, seeing countries I may never have had the opportunity to visit.

What kind of opportunity do you think USD affords to the youngsters taking part?

USD gives the youngsters the opportunity to mix with other sports people of a similar age who have reached a high level in different sport, introducing them to a new social circle and encouraging them to become adaptable to different environments.

Did you enjoy the experience?

Definitely, I would love to do it again. It was great to see how the team gradually came out of themselves and challenged themselves to achieve their goals.

Any particular favourite moments or favourite activity/event?

Personally I loved the bungee basketball, but a great moment had to be when we pulled back together after a few days of disappointing performances. You’ll have to watch and see what happened at the end though!