Top Gear

Top Gear is back, with a shiny new presenter line-up

Date: 10.06.2019     Last updated: 11.06.2019 at 15.12
Series 27 of the world’s biggest motoring show sees Chris Harris joined by comedian Paddy McGuinness and cricket legend Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, with a little help from the white-suited racing driver known to the authorities - and indeed the rest of us - as the Stig.

The new series sees Paddy, Freddie and Chris tackling the fastest, hottest, toughest Top Gear challenges to date: pushing their cars, and themselves, to the very limits of endurance. All because no one takes testing cars as seriously as Top Gear. And also because they really should have checked the small print of their contracts more closely before signing.

From the brutal heat of the Ethiopian desert to the sweltering Borneo rainforest, from the wilds of Iceland to, um, the pedestrianised shopping district of downtown Mansfield, Top Gear is going bigger than ever before. It’s all brought to you from the world-famous Top Gear test track, where a fresh batch of celebrities will demonstrate their driving prowess, or lack thereof, in the Reasonably Fast Car as well as being put through a new challenge which will be set by the presenters each week.