Tomorrow's World

BBC and partners launch year of science and technology


Date: 02.05.2017     Last updated: 02.05.2017 at 12.54
The Tomorrow's World digital hub will showcase the best science content from the BBC and our partners, curated by BBC Learning.

Through innovative digital content the hub aims to increase the audience's engagement with science by involving them in the process of the discovery to answer the biggest questions we all have about how science will change our lives. The hub will explore topics such as robots and AI, antibiotic resistance, data and me, genetic tech and life expectancy grouped around three key phases - British Science Past And Future; Space And The Universe; and The Human Body.

The digital offer will also cover the following key elements:

  • The brand new Tomorrow’s World: The Podcast will address thorny issues like whether artificial intelligences will need visas and the potential hidden benefits of climate change. The series will deliver mind-blowing sound design to podcast fans and inspire us all to imagine what the future will sound like.
  • The campaign will offer a series of citizen science experiments, collaborations between the Tomorrow's World partners, UK academics, and the audience. Our ambitious goal here is to leverage our combined digital engagement and scientific expertise to create new, peer-reviewed science.
  • A social media campaign will extend the reach and amplify the campaign through Facebook Live Q&As with some of Britain’s most eminent scientists; online debates about the biggest scientific questions of our time; and a Facebook community where even the most colossal concepts are accessible, relevant and personal.
  • The hub will carry a series of interactive calculators, many produced in collaboration with BBC News. These are personalised experiences which take Tomorrow's World themes (for instance, calculators might explore contagion, artificial intelligence, sleep, etc) and use science to help people better understand themselves. They give each user a unique takeaway to share on social media.
  • The social offer will be anchored by an innovative experience provisionally called “What makes my perfect Instagram photo?”. Users will receive a sharable micro-video which explores the question “what do my Instagram account and science say about me?”. The project will help people better understand themselves and their mental health using a combination of peer-reviewed science, big data techniques, and each individual user’s Instagram account.