The Cry

A new four-part thrilling, psychological BBC One drama written by Jacquelin Perske, adapted from the novel by Helen FitzGerald

Sophie Kennedy Clark plays Kirsty

When I was reading the script, the twists made me shut my laptop and be like “NO!”…Sophie Kennedy Clark
Date: 23.09.2018     Last updated: 23.09.2018 at 00.01
Category: BBC One

Tell us about your character Kirsty, Joanna’s best friend?

Kirsty’s living her life… she’s got this cool, hipster salon, whereas Joanna’s life is now very much baby-focused and dealing with the husband and the ex-wife… They are two friends who are slowly separating because they are living out two different parts of their life. I think it’s something that can happen when friends become mothers… Their friendship is beautifully written. It’s pretty special.

Have you enjoyed the plot?

Oh my goodness. When I was reading the script, the twists made me shut my laptop and be like “NO!”… and then I had to reopen it and then something else would happen and I’d shut it again! Even reading it was great. I can only imagine how visually it’s going to affect audiences. I’m really excited.

What’s been your favourite part?

Glasgow. I used to live in Glasgow. This city… there’s so much life and so much going on with the people here and the banter. Being able to work here in Glasgow and with a Glaswegian crew, it’s been brilliant.

What’s been challenging with this part?

So much of it is emotive and emotional for a lot of the characters involved, so it’s been making sure that my part can be as supportive to Jenna’s part as possible.

What’s it been like working with Jenna?

Oh my goodness. Absolutely brilliant. She is sensational. When I’m playing opposite her, it’s all in her face and it affects you so naturally that it feels like I don’t even have to do much work!