Alexandra Burke

How do I rate my dancing? I’m not even going to give it a rating because I don’t know what I’m doing!Alexandra Burke
Date: 05.09.2017     Last updated: 05.09.2017 at 06.55

Why are you taking part in Strictly this year?

I am taking part in Strictly because I absolutely love the show. It’s a privilege and an honour that I have been asked because I never thought for a million years that I’d be able to get on the show that I’ve wanted to do for the longest time. Strictly is all about the fun, the families, it’s a great learning experience and I just want do my family proud.

What are you most looking forward to on Strictly?

I’m a massive fan! The biggest thing for me that I’m looking forward to is walking down those steps, getting on the stage, of course the part that everyone always talks about and loves is the dresses, the outfits, the glitter and that all excites me but doing my family and my friends proud is a big achievement for me.

Have you got any previous dance experience?

My previous dance experience is only street dance and contemporary at school. That was a long time ago because I am 29 now and I left school at 15. How do I rate my dancing? I’m not even going to give it a rating because I don’t know what I’m doing! The rating is wait and see.

What will be your biggest challenge during Strictly?

The biggest challenge will be ballroom dancing and coming out of my comfort zone. Not having a microphone, that’s a big challenge. It’s a safety net, I’ve always got a microphone in my hand, a mic stand, always got my dancers, always comfortable with what I know I’m doing on stage and I still get nervous at my own shows. So I guess I just need to know that I will be completely out of my comfort zone, I won’t have anything to shy away from the fact that I am nervous. There are no distractions and that’s what I’m scared of, it’s just me and my dance partner.