Find out all about new comedy, Scarborough from the cast and creator

Date: 27.08.2019     Last updated: 27.08.2019 at 15.56
Scarborough (6x30) is a brand new comedy for BBC One, set in the iconic North Yorkshire seaside town. The series follows the lives of a motley band of Scarborough residents who are bonded by family, friendship and their love of Karaoke.

Mike (Jason Manford) and Karen (Catherine Tyldesley) are nearly-40-somethings that are giving their relationship another go, five years after they split. The pair were always meant to be together, but Mike’s ambition to become a professional entertainer meant that he was never at home. Now in his late 30’s, Mike has realised what’s actually important to him - he’s given up life on the road to come back to Scarborough and give their relationship another go.

Karen truly loves Mike, but she ended their relationship first time around as she realised what she wanted was stability and that wasn’t something Mike could offer. Her life in Scarborough is doing a job that she loves and making sure her mum is OK. Karen works at Geraldine’s, a local hair salon where the elderly clientele are always keen to share the latest gossip – if they’re not talking about it in Geraldine’s then it’s not worth talking about. The salon is the very heart of the community - but as the series unfolds is that heart about to be ripped out by unscrupulous local businessman Tony Peroni?

Between Geraldine’s and the local pub/karaoke hot spot, The Good Ship, there’s never a dull day in town. But will the course of true love run smoothly for the couple the second time around, or will the trials and tribulations of their lives get in the way?

Scarborough is a BBC Studios comedy production for BBC One, directed by Derren Litten and produced by Gill Isles. The Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Gregor Sharp and the Executive Producers are Stephen McCrum and James Farrell for BBC Studios. The Series was commissioned by Shane Allen, Controller, Comedy Commissioning and Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content.