RuPaul and BBC Three ru-veal the first ever line-up for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

Meet the Queens!

Scaredy Kat

When I’m not in drag I’m a student so this is where my student loan is going. I’m wearing it right now.Scaredy Kat
Date: 21.08.2019     Last updated: 21.08.2019 at 00.01

Tell us about your unique style?

I’d say my style of drag is probably very pink, very cute and very feline-esque. It’s very camp, exciting, colourful and bold. Cute, pink and scared - like a nervous flamingo. I’m unique and another that makes me unique is that I’m the youngest queen ever on Drag Race. 

At the moment, I do a lot of drag alone in my house but I’ve made quite a lot of videos - music videos, lip-sync videos, arty stuff and pictures, creative things. 

I want to change that and I need to be on a stage in front of millions of people because the attention just has to be on me right now.

How did you come up with you drag name?

I came up with my drag name because I’m just a bit of a pussy really, and I’m scared of everything from answering the phone to going on Drag Race. It’s all the same to me. 

What’s it like being a drag queen from a village? 

I’m from Wiltshire which is literally in the middle of nowhere and to ask if they have a drag scene is a joke in itself. There was one close nearby, and even a gay bar but it got shut down, obviously.

What do you do when you’re not in drag?

When I’m not in drag I’m a student so this is where my student loan is going. I’m wearing it right now.

How has RuPaul’s Drag Race had an impact on your drag?

RuPaul’s Drag Race is the reason I started doing it. I find the girls awe inspiring. From the US version I love the classics like Katya, Trixie and Pearl. They’re all my favourites. 

What was your first time in drag like?

I really haven’t done it that long; it was probably about a year ago. I was with my girlfriend trying to have a laugh. It was quite embarrassing but it went quite well for a first try. I did not look that good though, so I was glad the cat was the only audience member that night.

What was your reaction when you found out you had been selected? 

I really liked the show and thought it might be fun to be on it, but I didn’t think I’d get on it. When I got the call that I wasn’t expecting, I was in a lecture at uni and so my reaction had to be kind of gauged. I was in the hallway trying not to scream and cry at the same time out of happiness and fear.

You must have slayed the application process? 

I tried to conjure up as much as I could. I made a video with various looks and funny characters like Marie Antoinette in the modern era and a yummy mummy from Cheltenham, as well as a lip-sync number right in the middle of Trafalgar Square. I thought it would show how confident I am - even though I’m really a big scaredy cat. 

Thankfully, they liked it!

What are you greatest strengths? 

My greatest strength is probably the fact that I’m terrified of everything. I also have okay makeup skills I guess. I think being the youngest queen is a blessing and a curse. I haven’t got masses to prove but then again I’ve got barely any experience. I’m hoping the others will underestimate me, especially, because I look this cute.

Are you nervous about anything?

I’m nervous about sewing, and acting too. Mainly sewing as I can’t actually sew at all. 

Whenever a song comes on that I like I just throw myself into it. I like anything from Wicked to 21 pilots. My number one lip-sync song ever would be Popular from Wicked because I just love the cute voice. It’s great. 

Are you competitive?

Drag Race is very competitive and I’m not sure that I’m that competitive. I can be, but not when I’m around people who are better than me.

You’re not on social media - why is that?

I do not have a social media presence at all and the reason for that is I just got rid of it all when I was 16 because I think there’s a lot of toxicity on there for a teenager growing up. It’s not that helpful to feel that everyone else is more attractive than you, better than you, got a good boyfriend or whatever else.

How do you think viewers will perceive you?

I think viewers will describe me as cute, unbelievably unexperienced and possibly even a little annoying but here we are - I’m doing it anyway!

What does drag mean to you?

Drag is just fun, being me and having a good time. Everything everyone always says. Feeling sexy, looking great.