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I hope those watching enjoy my work and see it as a fitting accompaniment to this stunning animation.Jamie N Commons, British blues and folk musician
Date: 26.05.2016     Last updated: 26.05.2016 at 11.55
Category: Sport; BBC One

Rio 2016 will showcase the pinnacle of physical endeavour, so it’s only fitting that the setting for the much-anticipated BBC Sport and RKCR/Y&R marketing campaign should be the vastly competitive and diverse animal kingdom.

The campaign, made by Passion Pictures, builds the audience’s awareness and excitement of the BBC’s coverage of the Olympics by embracing the vibrancy of the host nation. With a trail that showcases a world of stunning forest stadiums inspired by Rio’s Tijuca Forest, the skills and strength of the athletes are brought to life by the nation’s exotic animals that gradually transition to the human world over the course of the animation.

Following his recent collaboration with X-Ambassadors on their 2014 hit, Jungle, British blues and folk musiciJamie N Commons an provides the trail music that perfectly encapsulates the energy and vibrancy of the Games.

Jamie said: “For me it was important that my music captured the true spirit of the Games. Reflecting athletes performing at the peak of their powers alongside the vibrancy that Rio is globally renowned for was not an easy task. But I hope those watching enjoy my work and see it as a fitting accompaniment to this stunning animation.”

The new trail will make its debut on UK screens during the Euro 2016 final on BBC One on July 10.

It forms part of a larger BBC marketing campaign that will include TV trails, title sequences and radio trails. The campaign will also be used on the BBC Sport website and across its social media channels.