Revolting Rhymes

Two half-hour animated films based on the much-loved rhymes written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake.

Cast quotes

Date: 24.11.2016     Last updated: 25.11.2016 at 11.12
Category: BBC One; Drama

Dominic West
"Voicing the Wolf in these wonderful films was a huge amount of fun. The incredible poems written by Roald Dahl have been beautifully brought to life by the production team and I was delighted to take part in the project. I look forward to enjoying them with the family this Christmas."

David Walliams
"I absolutely loved working on these films. I'm a massive fan of Dahl's work and to be able to voice his characters was a real treat."

Tamsin Greig
“It was a treat to be involved in this project - I shan’t tell you what becomes of the characters that I play, but this being Revolting Rhymes you can expect any end will be a sticky one!”

Rob Brydon
“Playing an ugly sister alongside David was too good an opportunity to miss. We settled in to the roles with worrying ease. As a ‘regular’ now on these wonderful Magic Light adaptions, I’m delighted that Roald Dahl’s wicked re-telling of these classic fairy tales will be a TV treat this Christmas.”

Bertie Carvel
“I grew up loving Roald Dahl’s delicious take on these classic fairy tales, so it seems right that they should be adapted once again for a new generation. It was great fun to be part of the crazy kaleidoscope.”

Rose Leslie
“I have always adored reading Roald Dahl and the fact that Little Red Riding Hood turns rogue assassin was and is something that will forever appeal to my inner child. I'm very excited to sit down and watch Revolting Rhymes over Christmas.”

Gemma Chan
“I’ve always loved Roald Dahl’s anarchic, sometimes downright naughty stories and I couldn’t wait to voice Snow White. She’s not just a pretty face, she brave and smart and finally finds a proper use for that Magic Mirror!”

Isaac Hempstead Wright
“It really wasn’t that long ago I can remember reading Roald Dahl’s wonderful interpretations of these fairytale classics for myself. In this adaptation, I get to play Jack, whose luck takes a triumphant turn (and he also gets to improve his personal hygiene!).”

Bel Powley
“Cindy is a bona fide feminist hero - at least in Roald Dahl’s hands. It was a complete delight to get to play the original belle of the ball.”

Christmas 2016 on BBC Television