Pitch Battle

Brand new Saturday night music entertainment show searches for Britain’s best singing group


Music is such a personal thing and so I think it’s important to just be very honest with everyone. You can be honest without being mean.Kelis
Date: 12.06.2017     Last updated: 12.06.2017 at 00.01
Kelis started out singing in choirs before embarking on her illustrious singing career which saw her nominated for Grammys, win a BRIT award and tour the world having sold millions of records across the globe.

She will really empathise with the singers on Pitch Battle, although her passion for music and singing means she won’t mince her words.

Why did you want to get involved on Pitch Battle as a judge?

I thought it would be really fun. I have hosted TV shows before but this is completely different for me. I have watched shows like this but never judged on them, only food shows.

Are you excited about being a judge?

Definitely! When you see the show, you will see that there is so much energy amongst everyone, including the judges and the whole thing just feels really good. There is a real fun vibe of people wanting to have a good time and I think it’s an amazing opportunity for everyone taking part in Pitch Battle.

What kind of judge will you be?

I am going to be honest, I’m not mean at all I promise! Everybody is looking to be a star but the great thing about Pitch Battle is that it is a team effort. Music is such a personal thing and so I think it’s important to just be very honest with everyone. You can be honest without being mean. In terms of what I am looking for, I want people to sing technically well and also, from the heart. That is really important to me.

Are you looking forward to sitting alongside Gareth on the judging panel?

For sure, he is great to hang out with and is super talkative! He is also really easy going which I love - I am really enjoying getting to know him.

What advice would you give to the contestants?

There really is one thing that stands out above everything else and that is to listen. That, for me, is vital. A lot of people will be able to sing really well but that is not enough on a show like this. You have to be able to blend in well. So my advice is listen, listen, and listen!

Does it matter if the group/choir is all male or all female?

No it doesn’t matter to me at all. Men, women, older people, it really doesn’t make a difference so long as they can find a cohesive sound. That’s the key.

You’ve had an incredible career. What are you most proud of?

To be completely honest with you I never planned for this career. For me it all started with a choir when I was 17 and it’s been crazy ever since! I love my career so much and I feel so grateful to have done the things I have done. Now I am on an awesome new BBC singing show in the UK, that was never in the plan but I am having the best time here!