Outnumbered is back for a brand-new, final series

Tyger Drew-Honey plays Jake Brockman

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Tyger was born Lindzi James Tyger Drew-Honey on 26th January 1996. He is now 17 years
old, having taken on the role of Jake when he was 11. His busy and successful career was
kick-started after he was spotted by a top London agent when he was performing in his
school play. Tyger injected a huge number of laughs into their version of Treasure Island by
playing his Squire Trelawney à la Leslie Phillips! The agent was so impressed by Tyger's
comedic performance, timing and self-confidence that she signed him up on the spot. Just
weeks later Tyger was recording his first voice-over for a television awareness campaign for

Describe to us in a few lines what Jake is like now.

Jake now considers himself a third-party member of the Brockman house. Neither a child nor parent, he separates himself from the chaos and undermines Pete and Sue’s parenting techniques. However, Jake makes his fair share of mistakes – one in the form of a rather ghastly ‘coming of age’ tattoo he gets himself.

How different did you find making series 5 now that you're a little bit older?

As we’ve all gotten older, everyone’s matured; maybe with the exception of Hugh and Claire. But Dan, Ramona and I are now able to work more professionally; and having done 5 series we understand all the tricks of the trade, and how the production works rather than just beingtold what to do (albeit politely haha).

What was your favourite moment shooting series 5?

I really enjoyed a scene where Jake flips out about girls, having acted calm and collected in front of Ben in a previous scene. I’ve never had such an explosive scene before and I really enjoyed it.

Do you ever watch earlier series of Outnumbered with your friends and family?

I used to but I’ve seen them all so much now I don’t feel like watching them again really. It’s weird seeing myself so young but it’s not as weird as for the viewers... I’ve been getting on with my own day-to-day life, whereas the audience only see us on screen with, sometimes, year long intervals. All my memories of ever doing Outnumbered are that it’s just great fun.

How has it felt to grow up in the public eye?

Exciting and different. It presents its own opportunities and I know I’m very lucky. But it does have its pressures and downsides and, I guess, to be honest, that it’s all I know really.

Do you often get recognised in the street?

Yeah, it’s the same as with any recognisable face I would imagine. However we’ve all changed looks-wise a fair bit since we were last on screen together, so I reckon when series 5 comes out we will start getting recognised much more again.

You have done a fair bit of presenting - tell us about that?

Outnumbered has opened loads of great doors and yes one has been presenting. I really enjoy it as I can be myself more.

Are the three of you as close off screen as you appear on?

It’s not like we’re real siblings, we’re not that rude to each other. But we are very fond of each other and always honest. The age difference is inconsequential.

Are Hugh and Claire anything like your real parents?

No, and anyway I don’t think we would know anyway, they don’t parent us really at all, they are like friends and colleagues.

Would you like to have grown up in The Brockman Family?

I think the Brockman upbringing would be lovely, although I’ll keep my own...

What's best about being back on set?

The bits that I enjoy most about filming Outnumbered are the people and the food. On set we are all just like a big family. But OH MY GOD, the food! We have an amazing cook called Pam and every single day we're served delicious meals. My personal favourite is her heavenly banoffee pie.”

If you had one piece of advice to your younger selves now that you're a bit older what would it be?

Don’t flunk 'em... but don’t get so worried about exams! Any exams! I used to get so stressed, and although they are important they aren’t the be all and end all!

Do you want to carry on with acting?

Yes, professionally I’d like to be an actor but languages are definitely going to be a big part of my life whether I use them in my career or not.

Some facts about Tyger

Tyger was seen as a regular character ('Tactless Dad's' somewhat bewildered son) in Hat

Trick Productions' The Armstrong & Miller Show for BBC One.

He was nominated for 'Best Male Newcomer' at the 2009 British Comedy Awards.

He has done more than 100 voiceovers for TV, radio and advertisements, including the voice of Lester Large, an elephant in the CBeebies' animated TV series The Large Family.

Tyger has also been the gaming and gadget presenter on CBBC's weekly show Friday Download. He filmed the first couple of episodes whilst working on the fourth series of Outnumbered. It started screening on Friday 6th May 2011 at 5.30pm on CBBC.

Tyger is an accomplished drummer and started playing when he was seven years old. He is also a karate green belt.