Our Girl

Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh Tours

Ben Aldridge (Captain James)

Michelle, Simon Lennon and I got attacked by monkeys. Michelle left me and saved herself…Ben Aldridge
Date: 29.05.2018     Last updated: 29.05.2018 at 00.01

Where do we find Captain James at the start of this tour?

As ever, we find Captain James trying to lose himself in his work. He's lost his best friend, Elvis, in the Afghanistan mission and is quietly grieving while trying to remain strong for both Georgie Lane and the rest of 2-Section. Georgie’s welfare is of particular concern to him and he now feels she is his responsibility more than ever. James isn't yet sure how accountable he is for Elvis' death or whether anything could have been done differently to prevent it and is therefore haunted by this. He steadily becomes more war weary than ever and starts to question his future with the British Army - but he's not the only one asking that question.

What can fans expect from this tour?

The usual premise of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, plus some very unexpected personal developments between some members of 2-Section. Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh provide complicated socio-political backdrops making their work challenging and dynamic. We have car chases, armed combat, kidnapping, jungle fever, helicopters, and explosions of the heart and mind!

This series of Our Girl was filmed as one big block last year. Do you still keep in contact with the rest of 2-Section?

Yes! We're all good friends! We've spent so much time together, working together, traveling three continents together and socialising together so we are a tight group. We have a WhatsApp group that regularly changes its name. I think it’s called 'Flakes on a Plane' right now…

Do we hear any news about Molly at all in these episodes?

Molly and James are going through a tough time. They've been apart for months and that puts pressure on the relationship. James is also suffering from losing Elvis and although he's buried it from 2-Section, he is experiencing symptoms of PTSD and Molly is the only one who knows.

Do you think you would be able to cope in the military?

Our military advisor once told me I should try out for Special Forces selection and he's the kind of guy where his approval means everything to you. In hindsight I now think he was just being extremely encouraging but I was thrilled! I think I would enjoy elements of what Captain James does but a huge portion of it doesn't attract me in the slightest. I have tremendous respect for our armed forces and feel privileged to be part of telling those stories. I think I'll stick to just 'playing' a Captain, not being one!

What was it like filming in the jungle?

The jungle was such an experience! It was beautiful but tough. The heat was insane, I was drenched with sweat and was constantly attacked by bugs because of the blood, makeup and prosthetic I had all over me! We travelled to work every day on a motorised canoe, pitched up in the jungle and literally made a television show. It was pretty amazing as were the crew! I definitely got jungle fever but Michelle got me through it! Michelle, Simon Lennon and I also got attacked by monkeys and Michelle left me and saved herself…