Our Girl

Our Girl returns with a further five part serial story, this time featuring the British Army on a posting in contemporary Kenya

Ben Aldridge (Captain James)

This show has people and humanity at its heart, they just happen to be fighting wars and saving lives.Ben Aldridge
Date: 28.08.2016     Last updated: 25.05.2018 at 15.26
Category: BBC One; Drama

What brings Captain James and 2-Section to Kenya?

2-Section and Captain James are on a six week humanitarian mission to Kenya in support of the Kenyan army, who are working in one of the country’s largest refugee camps on the boarder of Somalia, the equivalent of real life Dadaab. Their objective is to help and work alongside various NGO's, in particular Kenya Crisis Care. But this Humanitarian mission, though seemingly peaceful and ‘low-risk’, is not without its threats and dangers, which become all too clear the moment they enter camp. What could have been a simple tour turns deadly very, very quickly and 2-Section, once again, find themselves in battle.

Why does Captain James choose Georgie to join 2-Section in Kenya?

Captain James needs an experienced and trustworthy medic, not only for the benefit of his beloved 2-Section but also one who can utilise their medical knowledge to support and educate aid workers at the NGO. The refugee camp is a tough and testing environment and he knows Georgie Lane is more than capable; in Captain James' words she's "top notch, fully loaded' and has proven herself on several demanding tours. He needs someone solid and resilient. He knows Georgie can handle herself and he already has huge respect for her. This said, she still manages to impress and surprise him, further proving her capabilities as a ‘full-battle’ medic.

How does Captain James know Georgie? What is their relationship like?

Captain James and Georgie are already familiar; she's one of Molly's close friends. On the surface these two have a very professional relationship, but actually it runs pretty deep. I think a lot remains unsaid because neither of them are particularly good at expressing themselves... they understand each other and there is tremendous respect between them. Captain James 100% rates and trusts Georgie as a medic even if she is sometimes more empathetic and compassionate than he thinks the job requires. He is extremely focused and can compartmentalise to get the job done but Georgie is ruled more by her heart and passion for helping. Although he's higher ranking as ‘boss-man’ Georgie has no problem in speaking her mind to him, whether he likes it or not.

How does Captain James know Elvis? What is their relationship like?

They are best mates, go way back and have been on tour together more than once. I think they used to be absolute rascals together back in the day. They're both pretty cocky, but it's because they're bloody good soldiers. I think nowadays Captain James has grown up a bit, he's a bit more settled than Elvis and he wants him to start making some good decisions and stop messing about in his life, so their relationship is changing. Captain James thinks he knows better and is constantly trying to impart advice to Elvis, but he doesn't take him too seriously given that Captain James has made so many mistakes himself. Their friendship is put to the test on this mission…

Why should viewers tune into this second series of Our Girl?

If you liked the first series you're going to love this one! It's obviously got 2-Section and it's host of completely loveable characters; Mansfield, Brains, Fingers, Dangles; all bringing their unique brand of endless banter and squaddie charm but also we have fresh blood. Georgie Lane is a brilliant character; bold, compassionate, conflicted, determined, beautiful and strong, it's her story and she takes us on a compelling adventure, not only through her life as an army medic on a VERY demanding tour, but she also lets us into her heart and head, which throws up just as many interesting and fascinating challenges. This show has people and humanity at its heart, they just happen to be fighting wars and saving lives.