Felicity Kendal's Indian Shakespeare Quest

Category: BBC Two; Factual
In Felicity Kendal's Indian Shakespeare Quest, Felicity Kendal discovers the story of India’s long love affair with Shakespeare – from the first days of Empire to Bollywood and beyond.

The film follows Felicity as she travels across India, the land of her childhood and the place where she took her first steps on stage as a young actress in her parents’ theatre company, Shakespeareana. She explores the story of India’s enduring love for Shakespeare – a story in which her own family have played an important part.

As her investigation takes her from bustling cities to rural villages, from palaces to playgrounds, Felicity discovers the surprising scale of Shakespeare’s influence on Indian culture. She learns how his works have made the transition from symbols of Empire to become an inspiration for a new generation of artists, making Shakespeare an iconic figure in a country miles from the land of his birth.

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