Hackney Baths

Category: Radio 4
Hackney Baths is the first radio play from exciting new London-based writer Arinze Kene.

Hackney Baths is the story of three 19-year-olds who break in to a swimming pool at 2am. Mike, Lucy and Aaron have known each other since school, where they met 10 years ago. Aaron and Lucy made friends first because they both couldn’t swim. Then Mike forced Lucy to be his girlfriend by holding her underwater until she said yes.

And 10 years later, Mike and Lucy are still a couple. Mike is still overpowering and Lucy still can’t swim.

Both Aaron and Lucy are forced to confront the power Mike has held over them for the best part of their lives. Their childhood game – who can hold their breath the longest – soon becomes a dark and dangerous battle for power.

Kene’s first play, Estate Walls, won him Most Promising Playwright at this year’s Off West End Awards. He has also written regularly for the BBC’s online drama series E20.

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