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BBC Films is in a unique partnership with FilmFour to produce four short films for the Cultural Olympiad. Each company has commissioned and co-funded two projects.

BBC Films has backed acclaimed writer/director Lynne Ramsay (We Need To Talk About Kevin) on The Swimmer, a Warp Films Production in association with Rocking Horse Films. The Swimmer is a poetic journey through the waterways and coastline of the British Isles, following a lone swimmer through lakes, rivers and coves. The journey is framed by a soundtrack of seminal British music, combined with a sound tapestry of hydrophonic recordings and snippets of bankside conversations. The film aims to give real feel for the diversity of landscape and people of Britain. It is produced by Peter Carlton and Diarmid Scrimshaw and will be shot on locations in Devon and elsewhere in the UK.

Also in production for BBC Films is What If, from successful directing duo Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini (Streetdance); the film is a Vertigo Films Production.

What If is a rendering of Rudyard Kipling’s much loved poem If; the film tells the story of Joe, a young teen who learns, through an older, wiser boy, fundamental life lessons on nobility, patience and generosity; lessons on how to become an admirable young man. Influenced by Wim Wender’s Wings Of Desire, this film is a celebration of urban youth culture and London, starring Noel Clarke, George Sargeant and Theo Barklem-Biggs, showcasing the best of the UK’s freerunning, skateboarding, BMXing and in-line skating talent and featuring urban art by Matthew Small. The film is currently shooting on location in Swiss Cottage, London and is produced by James Richardson, Allan Niblo and Hubi Liel.

The films will be shown as part of the Cultural Olympiad on cinema screens next year, and subsequently broadcast on the BBC and Channel 4.

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